PTO Meeting Minutes

* The notes below are a summary of the PTO meetings.  All meeting minutes will be reviewed and approved at the subsequent PTO Meeting.

Basha Elementary PTO minutes for general meeting  April 23, 2019

In attendance: Co-presidents Crissy Haidos and Sarah Fanning, Co-vice presidents Madalyn Jira and Lauren Young, treasurer Julie Martinez, secretary Lynne Bielska, members at large Jenny Fresholtz and Kelly Dwyer.
Meeting called to order at 3:19pm
Secretary’s report, past meeting minutes approved.
Old Business:
-Doughnuts with Dads: well received and had approx 800 in attendance
-Yearbook update: Yearbook is done and has been submitted for printing. They will arrive mid-May.
-Sock Hop: a fun time, Ms. Valdivia’s class won most attendance and got a pizza party
-Farmboy Restaurant Night: raised $245.76
-Chipotle and Coldstone Restaurant Night: raised $369.73 and $150
-Skateland fundraiser: raised $611. Last time we’ll see Mrs. Edgar on skates 🙁
New Business:
-Treasurer’s report: Checking account $34,250 Saving account $5,439 We are on track/slightly under our projected budget
-Muffins with Mom: May 17th at 7:45am Could use a few dads to help out.
-Box-tops: the amount turned in so far has doubled from last year! Next submission is in November. However, we are still collected and is due May 20th. One student will win 2 tickets to Jumpstreet.
– Memory Night: for 6th grade, May 28th from 2:30-5pm. Out with a bang movie star theme.
-Teacher Appreciation Week: Week of May 6th. Wizard of Oz theme “No Place Like Basha” yellow brink wall. Daily treats, lunches or surprises for the teachers and staff.
-New PTO board nominations: Interested in joining the PTO board? Open board position nominations for next school year will be voted in during the Volunteer tea in the Media room on May 15th. Positions open: treasurer, secretary, member at large, vice president
Meeting called to close at 3:42pm




Basha Elementary PTO minutes for general meeting on 1/15/2019

Inattendace: co president Crissy Haidos, co president Sarah Fanning, co vice president Madalyn Jira, member at large Kelly Dwyer, member at large Jenny Frescholtz

called to order at 3:25 pm

Old Business:

-Secretary report: approval of 11/6/18 meeting minutes

-Orchestra chairs have been purchased and are being enjoyed

-Basha Family Fun Night $4425 back to classrooms and $5000 to fund PTO

-Panera Bread restaurant night $177.32

-Papa John’s restaruant night $200 and Mrs. Campbell’s class won a pizza party

-Boxtop contest raised $550, top participating classes got a doughnut party

New Business:

-Treasurer’s report (summary): budget is on target

-Doughnuts with Dad is Feb 1st, still need volunteers

-Yearbook: we need more photos, upload to Pictavo, instructions on FB page

-Sock Hop is March 1st 5-7pm. Music, food, dancing and fun! Come in costume and get a free glow stick

-Skateland fundraiser is April 5th from 5-8pm

-Farmboy restaurant night Jan 23rd

-Read Across America Week and book fair March 4-8th

-6th grade memory night is May 28th

Basha Elementary PTO minutes for general meeting on 11/6/2018

In attendance: co president Crissy Haidos, co president Sarah Fanning, co vice president Lauren Young, member at large Kelly Dwyer, member at large Jenny Frescholtz, secretary Lynne Bielska

called to order at 3:27 pm

Old Business:

-Secretary report: review and approval of last meeting minutes

-Check a thon wrap up: $17,605.43 raised. We used Edbacker, which only cost %3. Spring fund raiser won’t be necessary!!

-PTO purchased new orchestra chairs for $2200

-Restaurant fund raisers:

Mod Pizza and Menchie’s: $596.50 raised

Skateland: $535 raised

Peter Piper Pizza: $627 raised

-Bobcat Bingo wrap up, thank you to volunteers

-Game Night wrap up, thank you to volunteers

-Grandparents Breakfast wrap up 500 people

-Fall Book Fair, new company used, mixed but overall positive reviews from parents and students. No sales tax and lower prices were well recived.

New Business:

-Treasure’s report: $5439 in savings. All accounts are current, and budget is being met. Details are avalible upon request at anytime.

-Basha Family Fun Night is Nov 16th, pre sale tickets now on sale, overview of event details

-Date change for Doughnuts with Dad, is now Feb 1st.

-Pictavo link is now live and available to upload pictures for yearbook

Principal’s Report: Ms. Edgar

-New 6th grade teacher to replace Mrs. Choella. –Interviewing for new receptionist. –New health aide Moreen Briggs. –Basha Elementary received “A” rating from the state of AZ. –A new testing company will be taking over for AZ Merrit test.

Meeting called to an end: 3:40pm


Basha Elementary PTO minutes for general meeting on 7/24/2018

Board members in attendance: Crissy Haidos, Sarah Fanning, Lauren Young, Jenny Frescholtz, Kelly Dwyer, Lynne Bielska
Meeting called to order at 3:24pm
Welcome and Secretary’s report
Previous meeting minutes approved at 3:26p
Treasure’s report.
2018/2019 school year PTO budget proposed and approved at 3:30pm
2018/2019 PTO Bylaws approved at 3:31pm
Fundraising this year:
Proposal of only 1 main fund raiser this year: Check- A-Thon running from Aug 10th-24th.
Incentives and prizes, Zoomer videos during school.
Goal is $20,000. Portion of funds proposed to go towards new band/orchestra chairs and library improvements.
Upcoming Events:
Peter Piper Pizza restaurant night:
Skateland: Aug 15th
Curriculum Night: 1-3rd grade Aug 7th. 4-6 grade Aug 14th
Check-A-Thon: Aug 10-24th
Bobcat Bingo: Aug 24th
Parent teacher Conferences: Aug 29/30
Fall Book Fair: Sept 12-24th
MOD/Menchies restaurant night: Sept 12th
Welcome back game night Oct 1th
PTO General meeting Nov 6th
Basha Family Fun Night Nov 16th
Open for questions
Meeting adjourned 3:48pm
Mrs. Edgar’s Principle’s Report following meeting.

2017-2018 School Year


-Meeting called to order 3:30 pm

-Pto Executive Board Vote for 2018-2019 school year

-35 votes collected, all candidates on the ticket were elected

-2018-2019 Executive Board Members

Crissy Haidos-Co President
Sarah Fanning -Co President
Madelyn Jira- Co Vice President
Lauren Young- Co Vice President
Lynn Bielski- Secretary
Julie Martinez- Treasurer
Kelly Dwyer- Member at Large
Jennifer Fresholtz-Membber at Large
Mrs. Fakhouri -teacher liaison

-Meeting adjourned 3:50 pm


-Meeting called to order-3:13 pm

Old Business
-reported last meeting minutes (Jan. 2018)

-motion to approve old business

Treasurer Report
 -$27,000 in checking account

-$5,000 in savings

-events coming up which money will be used for Memory Night, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week, Muffins with Moms

-working on Media renovations, tiles will arrive in 6-8 weeks, vinyl wall stickers have arrived

-PTO will not be doing a Spring fundraiser

-Silent Auction during Celebration of Learning, all money raised during auction goes directly back to PTO

What’s going on…

-Donuts with dad was a huge success, student council volunteered their time and did an amazing job

-Alamo Drafthouse Movie Fundraiser- Lorax, over 100 people attended, monetary donations were accepted, spirit store was open before and after movie

-PTO website will be moving back to the Basha Elementary School website for 2018-2019 school year, Ms. Colella will be assisting  PTO with this transition.

-Muffins with Moms-we are looking for dads to help before, during and after event

-Celebration of Learning-Volunteers needed for talent show, sign up genius on PTO FB page, silent auction last year was a success, PTO will be setting this up again during this event

-PTO Board Members for 2018-2019 school year-nomination forms are available in front office and on PTO website, voting will happen on May 15 at volunteer tea

Principal’s Report-Ms. Edgar

-Volunteer Tea May 15 in Media Center after school

-AZ Merit testing is almost complete, congratulate your third-eighth grader on a job well done, thank you to Basha’s awesome staff for all you have done during testing

-RedForEd- FAQ sheet available on website, updates from superintendent through district wide emails, updates can come in day by day or hour by hour, please keep checking your email regarding walk out which will include updates about making up school days if needed

-Ms. Edgar is open to questions if you should have any, please contact office to set up a time

Motion to end meeting 3:46 pm



6:05pm Meeting called to order.

Secretary’s report. Past meeting minutes approved.

Old Business:

Treasurers’ report. Operating budget is $26,355, Savings account $5438. Due to the success in the fall, we will not need to do a big spring fundraiser. We are able to cover both community breakfasts, 6th grade memory night, and other planned events.

Library. The new “smart board” is up and running in the library, all classes have used it in the library. The 3D printer is here, and was provided by the principle and school. It has been used, and there will be a 3D printer’s club starting soon!

New Business:

-Doughnuts with Dad needs volunteers, it’s 2/16/18.

-No big fund raiser for the spring. The Technology funs are on hold. PTO will be doing a silent auction and Alamo Draft House Sat morning movie as smaller fun fund raisers.

-PTO is looking for an IT helper for some tech support

-PTO is looking for new board members, please consider joining!


6:22pm Meeting called to a close.


Basha Elementary PTO general meeting minutes August 8, 2017

PTO Meeting called to order 6:40pm

New Board member introductions:

In attendance: Kelly Dwyer, co-president. Crissy Haidos, co-presidnet. Jeffifer Frescholtz, co vice-president, Lauren Young, co-vice president. Julie Martinez, treasurer. Sarah Fanning, member at large. Mrs. Shetfiel, teacher liaison, Lynne Bielska, secretary.

Secretary report: 4/18/17 Meeting minutes approved at 6:46pm

By Laws were previously reviewed and update by PTO board members, approved at 6:48pm.

Fit- A- Thon. Register your child online! Fundraisng for library updates such as a 3D printer, maker station, decorations and upgrades. Funds will also go to PTO sponsored events.

10% goes back to the classroom directly.

Upcoming events:

Peter Piper restaurant night Aug 9th, Bobcat Bingo Aug 25th, Mod/Mechies Sept 19th,

Parent/Teacher Conferences Aug 30/31, Fall Book Fair Sept 25-29th

Grandparents breakfast Sept 29th, As you Wish pottery night Oct 27th, PTO meeting Nov 7th

BFFN Nov 17th


Fund raiser dinner nights: $3900 earned last year for, 20% goes back to school.


Treasurers report: Operation balance is $6423.57(day-to-day and event budget)

Technology balance is $5372.11Copy of PTO Budget will be available on the website.

Projected income: $78,000 Projected: $78,000 Surplus goes into technology fund

Budget approved at 6:57pm


Principle’s Report:

Welcome, Mrs. Sheffield as intern this year.

Everything comes from Infinite Campus, please check that!

Update emergency cards! Blue link left hand side on Infinite Campus.

Heavy backpack’s have been recognized, and problem solving in process.

First fire drill was executed very well.

Assessment period is happening now.

Battle of the Books

Student council starting up next week.

Oct 31st, mix it up day. Committee of teachers and parents.

Turkey Trot for Chandler Care Center in Nov.

Heat advisories, lots of red days lately.

Meeting called to end at 7:10pm

2016-2017 School Year

Basha Elementary PTO general meeting minutes May 16th, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 345pm. Nominees were introduced and gave background about themselves. Voting took place and there was a unanimous vote.

The new board is:

Kelly Dwyer and Crissy Haidos- Co-Presidents

Lauren Young and Jenny Frescholtz- Co-Vice Presidents

Julie Martinez- Treasurer

Lynn Bielska- Secretary

Sarah Fanning- Member at Large

Sharon Sheffield- Teacher Liason

Meeting was motioned to close at 3:58pm

Basha Elementary PTO general meeting minutes 4-18-2017

Board members in attendance: Kelly Dwyer co-president, Lauren Young co vice president, Sarah Lossing co vice president, Julie Martinez treasure, Lynne Bielska secretary, Carolyn Martinez member at large.

Meeting opened at 3:23pm

Approval of last meeting minutes at 3:26pm

Old Business:

Read-a-thon wrap up. We raised $15,781 with 112,125 minutes read! Our goal was met!

Basha App: It will be up and running through March 2018 thanks to our sponsors Sandi’s

Tailwaggers and Re/max Infinity.

Spring Book Fair wrap up. Total sales of $11,102.

Skateland fund raiser night: We raised $588.

Restaurant night fund raiser update: We have raised over $3500 this year. $276 at Rubios and $381 at Chick Fil A. Last restaurant night is at Peter Piper Pizza on May 24th.

Donuts with Dad. We had about 750 dads and students, thank you to all of the volunteers!


New Business:

Treasurer’s Report: Current operating budget $37,709. Savings/technology account $10,371.

Technology: We are able to order 2 more COW carts, a TruTouch Interactive screen for the

Media Center.

PTO board 2017-2018: We are now taking nominations for all PTO positions. Elections are May

16th 4pm in the media center. We are also looking for Box Top and BFFN Coordinators.

Spirit Store will be open May 18th and 19th from 8:05am-8:25am, limited yearbooks will be


Parent’s Night Out: April 21st at The Ivy. Get your tickets now!

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 1st-5th Theme is “You Left Us Up to Excellence”. Teacher

appreciation committee is organizing daily offerings for the staff all week. May 5th will be

“Heat It Up” day.

Celebration of Learning and Talent Shoe: May 9th, help is needed for the talent show.

Muffins with Mom: May 12th at 7:45am in MPR, flyers sent out.

Sixth Grade Memory Night: May 3oth, Surf’s Up theme!

Principal’s Report: Mrs. Edgar. AZ Merritt testing finishing up.


Meeting closed at 3:56pm

PTO General Meeting Minutes-January 24th, 2017

Meeting called to order: 6:05pm

Board members in attendance: CO President Kelly Dwyer, Co President Jennifer Frescholtz, Co Vice President Sarah Lossing, Co Vice President Lauren Young, Members at Large Marie Porter and Carolyn Martinez, Secretary Lynne Bielska

Lynne: Secretary’s report, last meeting minutes (11/1/2016) approved 6:08pm

Old Business:

  1. Technology Spending update. PTO has purchase one Computer On Wheels (COW) cart for Kinder-Second grade. Smart board for the media center is coming soon.
  2. Basha Family Fun Night: We raised $3,400 which will go back to the classrooms. Silent Auction Baskets made $5,372. We are looking for a new chairperson to organize the BFFN next school year.


New Business:

  1. Treasurer’s Report: We have $24k in our checking account and $10.3k in our savings (technology) account in which we hope to buy 2 more Smart Boards with additional fund raising this spring.
  2. Basha App will be discontinued after Feb 1st due to high operating costs.
  3. Spring Read-a-Thon fundraiser will have theme “Can’t Stop the Reading”. The goal is to raise $15k. Looking for volunteers.
  4. Spring Book Fair is Feb 6th-10th, theme “S’more you read the S’more you know”.
  5. Doughnuts with Dad event is Feb 17th at 7:45am. Last year we had 850 in attendance. RSVP’s have been distributed.
  6. Yearbook Pictures: Please send in pictures using or the Pictavo App
  7. 2nd Annual Parent’s Night Out event: Apri 21st. Will be held at The Ivy restaurant, and will include a silent auction. Ok to come solo or with other parents!
  8. Teacher Appreciation Committee has been very busy doing great things for our teachers once a month, a big THANK YOU!
  9. The Talent show will be the same night as the Celebration of Learning, May 9th.


Meeting called to close at 6:25pm


Meeting was followed directly by Mrs. Edgar’s State of Basha Address


PTO General Meeting-Nov 1st, 2016

Meeting called to order: 3:20pm

Board members in attendance: Co President Kelly Dwyer, Co President Jennifer Frescholtz, Co Vice Presidnet Sarah Lossing, Co Vice President Lauren Young, Treasurer Julie Martinez, Member at large Marie Porter, Member at large Carolyn Martinez and Secretary Lynne Bielska

Lynne: Secretary’s report, last meeting minutes (8/2/2016) approved at 3:25pm

Old Business:

  1. Check A Thon wrap up. Raised a total of $15,776.00. Need another fund raiser in the Spring.
  2. Volunteer information meeting was successful. About staff binder “A Few of My Favorite Things” will be kept in the front office to view.
  3. PTO purchases: new recess equipment for all grade levels, new PE equipment, and 2 new xylophones for music.
  4. Restaurant fund raisers: Peter Piper Pizza raised $600, Mod Pizza and Menchie’s raised $819.
  5. PTO events: Bobcat Bingo had approx. 200 attendees, Grandparents Breakfast had about 600 attendees, and Movie Night 200-250 attendees.
  6. Fall Book Fair sales $12,685. School keeps $2,800 plus $600 in Scholastic books. $600 worth of books were donated by students to teachers.


New Business:

  1. Julie: Treasurer’s report. Operating budget is $21,669. We are on track to meet expenses. Technology fund $22,001.
  2. Basha Family Fun Night is Nov 18th, organized by Jeff Hinson. Chrissy helping with auction baskets. Flyers sent out, and wristbands/tickets are offered discounted prices for pre-purchase.
  3. Upcoming restaurant nights: Chipotle Nov 9th.
  4. Exploring Read-a-Thon ideas to tie in with Dr. Seuss’ birthday week (1st week in March), in the spring. Look into asking parents, city officials and community members to come in to read to classes.
  5. Doughnuts with Dad PTO event is now Feb 17th.
  6. Technology Spending update: Work stations for k-2 did not work out at the district level. Computers On Wheels have been approved, and purchased by the district to be shared for 3-6th One cart per grade level.

-PTO approved during October 28th executive meeting to purchase a Smart board for the media center.

  1. Principals’ report:

-COW carts 3-6th grade coming 1st week of December.

-Met with grade level leads to assess teacher needs for technology. K-2 grades want Smart boards. We will be researching Smart boards vs Mimeo technology. PTO to attend Mimeo demonstration.

-Basha has fired four lunch aids. We are still looking for a new crossing guard.

-A couple of teachers attended NCTM math number sense and operations workshop and will be presenting on strategies to other teachers.

-Mix It Up day was well received by staff and students. It’s a national campaign, and helps teach and show empathy.



Meeting 8/2/2016

Meeting called to order at 6:32pm.

New PTO board introductions, co-presidents Kelly Dwyer and Jenny Frescholtz, co-vice presidents Lauren Young and Sarah Lossing, secretary Lynne Bielska, members at large Marie Porter and Carolyn Martinez.

Introduction of new school counselor Ms. Lovell and certified therapy and service dog Zander, slide show presentation.

Secretary Report (Lynne) of last meeting’s minutes. Approved at 6:53pm.

Treasurer Report. Purposed 2016-2017 operating budget (checking account) is $49,300. Proposed technology fund (saving account) is $22,000. Budget approved at 6:57pm.

Bylaws (Kelly) reviewed and approved for 2016-2017 year at 6:58pm.

Technology update (Kelly). District is providing Computer on Wheels carts. PTO looking into purchasing Kindle Fire tablets for kindergarten classes. Library has also requested them. PTO will be looking into purchasing new recess equipment.

Check-a-Thon (Kelly). Started today 8/2/16 and will run until 8/31/16. Online donations accepted this year as well as traditional checks! There is no fee for online donations. This is PTO’s one big fund raiser of the year. 10% of the earnings go directly back to the classroom. The top 3 classrooms will get parties and additional funds.

Upcoming events (Marie). Dates to remember announced including Check-a-thon, Peter Piper Pizza night on 8/10, Parent teacher conferences 8/31-9/1, Bobcat Bingo 9/2, SkatelandNight 9/9, Fall Book Sale 9/26-9/30, Grandparents Breakfast 9/30, Fall Break 10/3-10/18, Movie Night 10/21, PTO General Meeting 11/1, Basha Family Fun Night 11/18

Restaurant Fundraising Night update (Chad and Angela Birch). Last year $4,300 was raised! Plenty more restaurants planned this year, check flyers to see if they are needed at time of purchase, mention “for Basha” to make sure the school gets credit.

Other Fundrasing Opportunities (Lauren). Box tops, Tyson and other products offer school incentives, check PTO website. Use of Fry’s and Albertsons’s cards. 

 Principals Report (Mrs. Edgar). 

-Reports of vandalism. Please report suspicious activity around the school to Chandler PD. New shades were replaced through insurance claim, student council bought new benches prevoulsyvandalized and now have a “buddy bench”.

– Kindergarten playground got a new basketball hoop.

– Basha will be getting a Dean, which will be shared with another school, interviews are taking place. 

-Reminder to sign up for Infinite Campus, this along with the school app are primary methods of communication from school to families.

– 5 COW carts should be arriving in October 2016. 

-Welcome and looking forward to working with Ms. Lovell who will be working with 2-6th graders monthly, and more often for kinder and 1st graders to meet counseling standards.

Close PTO General Meeting at 1917.


 2015-2016 School Year


Meeting 4/5/2016

Meeting Called to Order:  6:05 pm

  • Meeting Minutes from 1/12/2016 were approved
  • Donuts with Dad (Caroline):
    • This was an amazing event. We had approximately 800 RSVPs and 754 people were at the event.  We went through 80 dozen donuts.  A sincere thank you to Krispy Kreme at Alma & Chandler.  They were very generous and helpful.  For next year, we would like to improve some of the crowd management logistics.  Possibly with students at the front of the MPR who could direct people where to go.
  • Time for Kids (Kelly): The booklets were an easy fundraiser.  The school uses Time for Kids.  Currently the school purchases; ~$3000 for  Grades 2-6.  We found that for every 30 booklets that came back that we would receive $200 credit.  We now have $800 credit.   Next year kindergarten and 1st grade may use them.
  • Spring Book Fair Wrap-up (Jenny): We had a successful spring book fair and appreciate all the volunteers who supported the fair.  This year, Jenny reached out to all the room moms to get more volunteers. There were no openings this time.  Sales this year were ~$10,600.  Fall book fair dates to be determined.  We probably will not do the fall sale at the same time as the parent-teacher conference.  Scheduling proved to be more logistically challenging.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (Jenny/Kelly): May 2-6.
    • For Friday, May 6: we will need help for the salad and dessert bar. A Sign-up genius will go out to help put the ingredients together.  We would appreciate as much participation as we can get.  Jina will be organizing the dessert bar.
    • Like last year, we’ll have a big board for gift certificates to get a random draw for teachers to get a gift off the board.  Looking for gift cards to donate for the teacher appreciation week.
    • The teacher appreciation week will have a Super Hero theme.  Ryan M will help with the bulletin boards (lunch room, media room and main hallway).  We encourage students to do special things for their teachers.
  • Yearbooks (Kelly/Casey): Yearbook is completed; 330 year book orders were received. We are expecting them around May 17.  We have also ordered 75 extra yearbooks (first come first served).
  • Treasurer’s report (Julie): Total ~$25, 800 in checking and ~$4400 in saving… $29K total.
  • Restaurant Night (Angie): ~$3400 for the year. The next restaurant night will be April 20, Kneaders: all day.  We also plan to have a Yearbook/”End of year” night and signing at Peter Piper Pizza.
  • Rawhide (Kelly): Rawhide gave the PTO ~100 vouchers for wristbands. We are selling them for $10 (discounted).  Thus far, we have earned $360.  You can buy at the front with Jina.  Please note that the wristbands expire at the end of June.
  • Parents’ Night Out (Sarah): April 22 at the Ivy.  it will be a fun night. We have had great success receiving donations for the raffle and silent auction.  The intention for the Parents Night Out is for parents to have a night out and to have fundraiser for the school.  All proceeds go to the school.  This is a new event for us and we are eager to get as many people there as we can.  Tickets can be ordered through Eventbrite:
    • Please share the word!
  • Talent Show: The Talent Show will be the same night as the Celebration of Learning on 5/3 for 5th and 6th grade.  Auditions will be on 4/22 during school.
  • PTO Nominations and elections for next year will be on 5/10.  Chris N. and Caroline R. are moving on and we would like to have new people join the board.  Please spread the word for anyone who is interested in being on the council.  Election will be after the volunteer tea on 5/10.  Tea is at 3:20 (after school)
  • Muffins with Mom: Save the date—5/13. More information will be coming out.
  • 6th grade memory night: 5/20 from 3-5. 2 Caroline M., Caroline R., Chris N., Carey E, and Jen C will be involved in planning and preparing for memory night
  • Ms. Edgar’s report:
    • AZ merit has started. Tests are administered by computer in the media center.  We have put up black cloths over the media center windows. We have borrowed COWs that will be sent to Willis JH next year.
      • The advantages of computer-based testing: no counting of tests, locking rooms down, or  taking things off the walls.
      • Not many events are occurring now so that the students can focus on the tests.
      • Thanks to all for the support!

Meeting Adjourned: 6:30

Huzzah Kelly for running her first meeting!


Meeting 1/12/2016

  • Meeting called to order:  6:09 pm
  • Meeting minutes from 10/25/15 were approved.
  • Summary of Family Fun Night
    • The night started slowly.  In terms of expenses, we broke even on the event.  The Family fun night, however, is a community fun event and is not meant for fundraising.
    • Silent Auction baskets: The baskets were great and were valued at over $15,000.  We brought in ~$5,000 from the silent auction.  Money given to classrooms.
  • Zoomer’s Fun Run
    • The Fun Run raised ~$17,000.  The run was a fun event and we encourage all parents to come out for it to see the kids doing laps.  The 5th and 6th graders did a color run, where they were covered in colored corn starch.
    • We are putting the funds gained from the fun run into our technology fund.
    • Many of our upcoming fundraisers for technology.  Mrs. Edgar and the PTO are closely following what the district and other schools are doing or planning for technology.  We are planning to create a technology committee that will be able to set direction and we’ll have the funds to support the committee’s decisions.
    • The fun run was able to give ~$5,500 back to the classrooms.
  • Student Council President, Charles Heil, who is in Mrs. Carrasco’s 5th grade class, introduced himself and the Student Council initiatives.  They have raised approximately $450 from their jamba juice sales, Thanksgiving grams, and Family Fun night. They also placed 100 flags in front of the school for Veteran’s Day.  They are planning for the upcoming Student Council convention.


  • Treasurer’s report:  Checking amount, ~$8,000, savings ~$18,000 (with some moneys for technology). Upcoming expenditures include teacher appreciation week, VIP breakfasts, donuts with dads, mother’s day breakfasts.
  • Spring Book fair: Feb. 8-12th.
    • The Spring theme is Groovy.  We’re thinking of bell-bottoms and tie-dyes.
    • The book fair will take place during parent-teacher conferences.  We’ll have slightly different times because of this with a later schedule on for Thursday (8 am-6:30 pm).  On Friday, the book fair will run from 7:30 am until noon.
    • We will have a sign-up genius for volunteers.  We’ll have approximately 1-hour increments.  Information also being sent out through room parents, social media, and media website.  Sooner that you sign up you can get the better time slots.
  • Donuts for Dad will be on the morning of Feb 12.  The same morning as Donuts with Dad.  Hopefully Dads and kiddos will want to shop for books together!  We will be looking for volunteers for that morning and the flier will be out soon.  We would like to have RSVPs for the event to help us budget and plan for food.
  • Chandler School Booster Inc Fun Run:
    • The Chandler Boosters is the umbrella group to which all the PTOs and booster groups (e.g. Hamilton Football and Band Boosters) belong.  Every school contributes a bit for the Chandler School Booster Inc group, which provides support for accountants and taxes.  The Chandler Boosters Inc. wants to be self-sufficient, and they are doing their own fundraiser, a family Fun Run, “All In”.  The race on 1/24 at Perry High school. More information is available on our facebook page.
  • Kinder orientation, 1/19.  We encourage everyone who has neighbors with kindergarteners to register early and visit the open house.  The earlier registration helps with staffing for the class.
  • Math and Science Night, 1/19.  5th and 6th graders will display their work. ASU will be running some of the booths.
  • Restaurant Night, 1/20, from 4-9 pm at Barro’s Pizza at Alma School & Germann.
  • Parents’ Night Out on 4/22.  This is a first for Basha.  This will be a fundraiser and a night out for parents.

Meeting closed at 6:25 pm.

Mrs. Edgar presented her State of Basha Address.  Mrs. G recorded it and it can be found on the school’s YouTube channel:

Meeting 10/20/2015

Meeting Called to Order:  6:04 pm

  • Meeting minutes approved
  • Book fair Update:
    • $2,400 in cash profit, which is used to update nonfiction books at the library.  $1,800 in book credit with Scholastic, which Mrs. G uses to buy new releases for the library. $800 in wish list books were purchased. We had coloring and candy jar contest and give-aways and used 14 books for promo events.  Scholastic supplied us well.  A special thanks goes out to the grandparents for their support and patience in the lines on Friday morning.
    • The preview week for the spring book fair will be Feb. 1-5 (preview week), with the sale running from Feb 8-12. This will be done to coincide with parent-teacher conferences. It is earlier than our previous spring sales, but we wanted to avoid the testing in April.  The theme will be 60’s groovy.  Jenny is soliciting ideas for bulletin boards and book marks.
  • Grandparents’ breakfast. We has 430 RSVPs and approximately 480 people were there. Peixoto provided coffee.  Bagels were there and Student Council helped.  The Spirit Store and the Fall book sale were going on after the breakfast.
  • Bingo Night: This was our first Bingo night and it was considered a success. 267 people were there.  It was just the right size for seating.  We had 10 games of bingo and different prizes.
  • Zoomer’s Fun Run:
    • Kick-off assembly is tomorrow, 10/21 and will provide more information about the run and getting pledges.
    • The actual run is on 10/30, but times are still being determined.
    • We will need volunteers (e.g. water stations).
    • The run will be in the field and the Boosterthon folks will organize. The run consists of a maximum of 35 laps, some laps have themes, e.g. robot lap, funny walk lap.  Students can collect pledges per lap or flat donation.  There will be team huddles (starting on Thursday) before recess to learn messages about character and fitness.  In the past, Boosterthon fun run has been the most profitable fundraiser for the school.
    • Our Goal: $20K. If 5th and 6th graders reach their fundraising target they can have their own color run.  Teachers will color their kids.
  • Restaurant Night:
    • Chipotle is the next restaurant night (10/21): 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the school. Cold Stone is also participating. There will be a push notification will be sent out tomorrow.
  • Costco Paper Drive: Saturday, 10/24, from 7-9 pm. For evert $50, the school will receive a ream of paper.  A couple of schools in CUSD will be participating.  A first-grader in attendance volunteered to decorate the cardboard for the Basha cart.  It was unsure at the time of the meeting if Mom or Dad actually supported this initiative.
  • Family Fun Night: 11/13.
    • Everything is reserved. We will have laser tag, a video game truck, Karaoke, and wipe out. We will also have Inflatables for the older kids.
    • Tickets will start going out at the end of the week. We will also have wristbands.
    • We also are looking for vendors who will want to be part of the merchant lane.
    • This is considered a private event, just for the school (students and families).
    • Food trucks, Jam Burritos and Grilled Cheese Truck. Maybe Texas Roadhouse. Tiki’s frozen ice and ice cream.
    • Games that the teacher will organize.
    • Volunteer shifts are in half-hour increments.
    • Basha Student Council will sell drinks.
    • PTO will have a tent.
    • Police explorers will help with parking and security work for the school. Will also be there
    • Silent Auction Baskets: Half of the teachers/homeroom parents have responded with their class theme
  • Principal’s report
    • Galileo testing was recently completed. This is benchmark testing that allows for getting baseline data.  Kinder students had trouble hearing some of the test.
    • Bond is in a mail-in ballot…please vote.
    • Veteran’s day stars to honor veteran’s. We plan to use 3 bulletin boards.  Students can get stars up at the front office if they need more.
    • State of Basha address is at the next PTO meeting, 1/12. Edgar will present curriculum, unique programs at the school, and AZ Merit Scores (the scores are embargoed currently, but likely will be available in November).  We may try to build in incentives to have more attendance at the January PTO meeting (e.g. Jeans pass prize for teachers who has parents come to the PTO meeting.)
    • Parents should be receiving more infinite campus messages. Please send feedback if this too much.
  • Miscellaneous items
    • Back the Bond information is available online. Please vote and return the ballot.
    • Download our app, check out the website, facebook, and twitter
    • Next restaurant night is at Panera Bread, Nov. 18
    • Jan 22, 2016: First Parents’ Night out. This will be a fundraiser for the PTO. The event will be at one of the local restaurants.  We will need donations, silent auction items.  We have found that the Tax ID number for the PTO is shared across many PTOs/booster clubs, could be a problem with larger donations.
    • Kettle corn vendors: Jenny F. may be able to contact and send more information to Jeff.  Cotton candy will not be there this year.  Last year, cotton candy was in teachers’ hair. Jeff is going to reach out to Hamilton Honor Society for HS volunteers for service hours.


Motion to end meeting at 6:32 pm






Meeting 8/4/2015

Meeting called to order:  5:04 pm

  • Some of the flyers provided during the meeting can be accessed below:
  • VolunteerOpportunities_Merged_04Aug2015 Frys_CommunityRewards_2015 BashaApp Agenda 2015_2016_Budget
  • Introductions of the executive council
  • Minutes from May 2015 PTO meeting were reviewed and approved
  • Basha PTO App (Rick Irwin): Officially rolling out tomorrow
    • The app combines district, school, and PTO website information
    • We welcome feedback on what to adjust or add to the app
    • It is downloadable for free on android and apple devices (search for “Basha Elementary”).
    • The app provides for push notifications. To clarify, this app does not send text messages.
    • Messages can be shared.
    • Irwin demonstrated the app
      • Call us, attendance line, grades access to the portal (will need password just for this section), PTO site
      • Can share content through Facebook, messages
      • Under the “More” tab: you’ll find information on: teacher contact information; lunch time & payments; messages; contact us, PTO info, school info, mailing list, and sponsors
    • Information on the school calendar 6-day rotation is available.
    • Denall will have access to this and can push notifications out to the app
  • Spirit Store
    • The Spirit Store started at the end of the last year; we had two sessions: Zoomer was a big hit.
    • This year, we are trying to do it the last Thurs/Fri of the month in the morning (8:05-8:25 am)
    • The Spirit Store has many kinds of items (e.g. frisbees, stress balls). Mason jars are new now
  • Fundraiser: Coming soon. We are in flux right now, and we will communicate soon on the updates to the parents
  • Bingo night
    • This is a new community, family event from 7:00-9:00 on August 21 in the MPR. $1 to buy a bingo card, snacks, and light consessions.
    • The charges are to just cover costs…this isn’t a fundraiser.
  • Principal’s Report:
    • Welcome to new parents and teachers
    • Basha students named the bobcat, Zoomer
    • Information updates:
      • Infinite campus: Basha piloted the paperless progress reports and report cards and now it is corporate wide. Most of Basha parents use the portal.  Basha will send emails through infinite campus to ensure that the school communicates as widely as possible. Parents may see duplicate postings for awhile. The school marquis is also a source of information
    • August 12: The school will have wireless access and will look to PTO to fund appropriate technology for the students (e.g. computers on wheels, ipad labs). The school will start a tech committee (parents, teachers, district IT representatives) to get feedback to figure out the best technology for the school.
    • Playground equipment in the Kinder area: The coating and the plastic on the old structure were falling off. We had hoped that we have the new equipment in over summer, but it is still in transit.  Hopefully we’ll have it in place over Fall break.  Benches around K-1 playground, funded by the student council, are also on order.
    • With assistance from the PTO, the school has purchased a new portable sound system that will help with awards and group ceremonies (such as VIP breakfasts).
    • Student Council purchased a podium that can be used in spelling bees and other events
    • Curriculum Night.
    • Starting next week. K-6 will be doing assessments on the computer with the Galileo system (the assessments contain ~30 questions about science, Language Arts). This is a tool for the teachers to learn more about where the students are in their progress.  Grades 2-6 will do this 4x a year, and for K-1 will do it once at the beginning and the end of the year. This assessment piece will help the students and teachers and is a reflective tool for the school (it has no bearing on the grades for the kids). Because of this, Ms. Edgar doesn’t think that the scores will be available for direct access by parents.  She encourages parents to talk with teachers about the tests and results.
    • Goals for our year. We want to get things better.
  • Box Tops: Please collect and send in to the teacher. The best cutting would be preferred… the boxtop sponsors are specific about the dimensions of the box tops.
  • Bylaws
    • All PTOs fall under the Chandler Booster Inc are 501(c)3…. The bylaws are required to be a 501c3 under this organization
    • Bylaws were approved.
  • Budgets:
    • We received suggestion to put calls out to parents through our means of communications to get sponsors to help reduce our costs (e.g. coffee for breakfasts). We also should provide flyers about upcoming fundraisers when reaching out to sponsors so that they understand the events and where their money is going.
    • Budget was approved


Meeting closed at 5:37 pm


After the official meeting was over, we put a call out for volunteers and new ideas.

One of the PTO goals is to figure out a good online system for our volunteer requests for the various events




Meeting 5/5/15

Called to order:  5:09 pm

  •  Election ballot for next year’s council
  • Minutes from last meeting
  • Muffins with Mom: ~620 participants. Took place in the cafeteria and in the outdoor ramada.  For next year: MORE CHOCOLATE MUFFINS! 🙂  This is the 3rd of 3 breakfasts.  The breakfasts were well received.  The PTO went through Costco, which was cheaper than having it catered. We will try to do better with the RSVPs for next year’s breakfasts.
  • Spirit Store: They have taken place at lunch/recess. They have been very successful, primarily with  3rd grade and under.  We’ve noted repeat buyers.  We sold out of Zoomers and water bottles.  200 are on order are now on order and hope to have them in around 5/20, before school ends.  We will have the store open in the morning.  These are the more expensive items to order, and we didn’t know how they would sell, so the PTO didn’t want to order too many. Handballs and Frisbee are selling well, and students are using them well around school.  Highlighters are not well made; pink shade are drying out.
  • Update on Donovan Leigh’s Eagle Scout project.  He is building portable carts for backpacks to be used in the classroom.  They should be delivered by the end of the school year.  All the materials are in place and will be made over the next few weeks.
  • Treasury report:~ $19,462 in checking. ~$4K in savings. Major expenditures for the rest of the year: yearbook and 6th grade memory night.
  • Sixth grade memory night committee is in place. Meetings have been underway.
  • Yearbooks: Project Underway.  Not doing pre-sales.  We will sell when yearbooks are in the school.  Announcement will be out soon.
  • New playground equipment: Read-a-thon funds will be used for the play structure in the kinder ground.  Concerns about the costs related to the shade structure…We have limited funds and we may not be able to cover the costs to install the shade cover.  Vote passed to set aside $19,016 for the play structure.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week: Started the week with muffin bags.  Taco Tuesday (El Sol donated salsa).  Many surprises are ahead, such as a raffle for teachers, salad and dessert bars.   We need volunteers for the food bar on Friday.
  • Basha PTO app will be coming soon: Key feature of the app will be the ability to do push notifications (e.g. event is canceled, reminders about events).  The app is free; we will have sponsor(s) to support the fees.  Denall Moore will have access to the app too.  At first part of the year, we’ll have initiatives to encourage parents to download the app.  For example, a banner for the meet the teacher night and with parent pick up.  We can also use Mrs. Edgar’s board.  Of course, we will provide Chris and Kelly’s email address if anybody has questions.
  • Principal’s Report:
    • Pop-art in the MPR.
    • Student Council raised lots of money through Jumba Juice:~ $5K. Some funds were donated to the Ronald McDonald House.  For the school, the Student Council will purchase a new podium ($600) and will also purchase benches for the kinder, backstop, and swings. All will have Basha logo.  We may want to invite Student Council to our meetings.
    • Mother’s Day tea: Good feedback.
    • Next year’s changes… student teachers will work with us in the fall. (ASU iTeach).  We will have a new classroom for the Kinder Autism Program; 8 kinder students will be enrolled. We don’t have a budget for their sensory needs and may need some PTO funds for purchases.
    • Technology: The district director of instructional technology is Colleen Flannery.  Mrs. Edgar has reached out to her to learn about new tech initiatives in the district.  For example, Mimeo: interactive projection that is placed on a white board (cheaper).
  • Election results: Unanimous. All on ballot are elected and will meet to figure out schedules.
  • Walk-in items:
    • Luncheon for PTO volunteers: Thursday, 5/14.
    • School volunteer tea: 5/13 in the afternoon. (~30 min)
    • Flyer: Where does the PTO money go?
    • We raised ~$3500 for the year in Restaurant Night (most recent night with Pei Wei raised $450)
    • Gift cards to the teacher: Can use at teachers’ discretion but PTO wants receipts for the payment.

End the meeting at 5:49 pm


Approved Minutes

Meeting Date: 3/31/15

3:35 pm: Meeting start

  • Minutes approved
  • Technology updates from the teachers
    • 2nd grade team, Mrs. Upshaw, Mrs. Hess, and Mrs. Bailey: would like to request smartboards for other teachers.  The current reading program has a smartboard design feature.
    • Upper level classes struggle to schedule computer time when students are doing intensive research projects.  Older kids may benefit more from computers on wheels (COWS)
    • PTO would like to have up-to-date working technology in every classroom.  Budget and changing technology are a struggle.
    • It was suggested that a Grants and Technology committee be established next year to look for tech grants, assist in grant writing, and identify the best use for our technology funds.
  • Spring book fair update from Mrs.  G: Total sales: ~$11,000 in sales (credit and cash).  Cash profit: ~$2900.  Paperbacks: ~$1300. ~$800 in books were donated to the classrooms.
    • Bigger selection of books with the merger between Scholastic and A+ books.
    • The read-a-thon didn’t hamper sales.  It was good to pair with the read-athon, although all the activities with Read-across America, the book fair and the spring celebration was a bit much.  It is recommended that we space out the events more for next year.
  •  Read-a-thon: ~$14,000 pledged, and ~ $11,000 funds had been turned in.  60% class participation. We will use funds for playground equipment and soccer goals.
  •  Bagels with my buddy: ~470 people.  Good turn out.
  •  New Business:
    • Finances: ~$13, 700 in checking and 4~$000 in savings.  More large deposits will be coming from read-a-thon and book fair.  Expenditures: muffins for moms, playground equipment, movie night, teacher appreciation, 6th grade memory night
    • Movie night: April 10. Lego movie. Will have popcorn and snacks.
    • Spirit store:  will be opening soon.  Promotion for it will start the week of the merit testing.  It will be open April 23-24 at lunch time.  We currently plan to have Thurs-Friday, back to back days.  Thurs-Fri.  There will be lots of items for sale, e.g. tattoos and Zoomer the bobcat).  This is not a money-making endeavor, but we are trying not to lose money.   The spirit store will be available on back to school night
    •  Muffins for Moms: May 1 at 7:45 am.  We will use the outdoor space.
    • Art Masterpiece:  We are looking for 2 volunteers to run the program to replace Jenn and Jen.  It’s time to pass the baton to new parent volunteers. This is not too much of an undertaking for 2 people.
    •  Yearbook:  The assembly of the yearbook in progress.  We anticipate pre-orders for  for the books will be ~$20 and then after the books are here, $25. The yearbooks will be distributed in the last week of school.
      • Pictures… we are looking for pictures from parents and teachers from events, field trips…send to Carolyn and Holly for inclusion in the yearbook.
    • We are looking for 6th grade parents to organize memory night.  3+ parents are recommended.  We have a budget set aside for the memory night celebration.
    • Executive Council:  We are looking for more parents to help out on the PTO council and with other committees.  The more the merrier!  Please join us!  We will have an orientation for people who are interested and to learn more about what events we have in store and to get new ideas on board.  Next meeting is May at 6:30 pm.  We will solicit nominations for the executive council.
    • Teacher Appreciation: May 4-8; Kelly and Jenn are planning it to celebrate and honor the teachers.
  •  Principals report from Mrs. Edgar
    • AZ merit letter will be sent out to describe what to expect.
    • Questions have different formats.  For example, a square box indicates that there are more than one correct answer.  We are not taking the test online.  Work on typing skills for future years.
    • Celebration of Learning will be on 4/28 from 5-6:30 pm.  There will be art and thinking maps on display.  This an open house highlighting different activities and events by grade.    2nd grade will be putting on musical performance.
    • The school district office is looking at numbers for kindergarten next year: 4 teachers allotted for now.  Please encourage folks with kinder kids to register early.  This would help us avoid disruptions in class changes.
  •  Restaurant Nights: Pei Wei.  Monday, 4/20.  Pei Wei (Queen Creek & Alma School).  This is a date change.  We have raised ~$3,100 for the school from restaurant nights.

4:18: meeting closed.


Meeting Date: 1/13/15

Meeting called to order:  6:35 pm

  • Minutes approved
  • Movie Night
    • Frozen sing-a-long version. We had a successful night with approximately ~200 people We also had concessions.  We are planning for a spring movie night. More details will come later.
  • Family Fun Night
    • Jeff Hinson coordinated and provided a report
      • He has new ideas for next year, with more activities geared toward the older kids
      • We are looking volunteers
      • Proceeds from the event cover the expenses for the event. Our goal is to have fun, rather than using the event as a fund raiser
      • Every teacher who worked that night or teacher who had a basket at silent auction will have money back in the classroom
  • Check-a-thon
    • $~18K raised were raised.
    • We still have funds, but want to make sure that it gets back into school. We have learned that the school district will provide wifi at the school in the near future.  Challenging in that technology is rapidly changing.  Once wifi is available, we would like to apply funds for the entire school to have maximum use, like ipads.
    • We have an immediate need to update the AV system.
  • Treasurer report:
    • $20K in the accounts. 14 pages of expenses (e.g. requests from different departments and teachers to meet their needs). $16K in checking account, $3600 in savings.  Questions on where to spend money? We are going to start posting budget expenses on the website.
  • Basha Spirit store:
    • Tattoos, water bottles, Basha bobcat stuffed animal, dog tags, bouncy ball, silicon bracelets.
    • Only open during lunches
  • Book fair in March.
    • March 2-6, right before spring break. Jenny F. will be coordinating and will be looking for volunteers.
    • Read-a-thon to coordinate with the book fair.
      • PTO/Teachers will run it so all proceeds go back to the school.
      • We are earmarking these funds for playground and outdoor equipment. Hopefully will implement for new school year
      • Picnic will be around this time so families can go to book fair together.
  • Restaurant Nights
    • Jan 21 at Barros.
    • Recent one at Chipotle. Great turnout.
    • February will be Jersey Mike’s.
  • Upcoming event “Breakfast Bagels with my Buddy”: for kids with dads and other caregivers. February 20. Please RSVP so we can plan for food.
  • Edgar’s state of Basha address:


Meeting Date:  10/21/14

Agenda handouts:



Called to order:  3:32 pm PST

  • Pre-agenda discussion items
    • School cents:  We are ranked 18 right now.  In the program, cash will be given to the schools with the highest points.  Restaurants like, Chompie, and Target across the mall participate in the school cents program.  For school-related functions, we should seek out establishments participating in the school cents program.
    • Ms. Edgar will work to create a box to have in the front office to collect receipts.
  • Minutes from the 8/5 meeting were approved
  • Fall-book fair report from Holly:
    • The vendor, A+ book services, had an extensive book selection from Scholastic.
    • We raised ~ $12,000 in product (~$3,000 more than the past  book sale).  The book sale had more carts with books rather than toys this year.
    • Basha made ~$2500 in cash profit, which we can use to buy more books.  $1300 in book profits (books at discount for use in the library and for end of year give away in which a book is given to 1 class in each grade level.  ~$700 were donated to the classroom (a little lower this year).
    • Many volunteers. Thank you to the volunteers and a special thanks to Jen Frescholtz, who was the parent coordinator and who did all the decoration and art work.  We received positive feedback of having the book fair before break.  PTO will deposit and issue checks for the book fair.
    • Question & Answers:
      • It was suggested that the book fair be open during lunch.  This wasn’t possible because of the school schedule.  We encourage shoppers to go to the book fair either before or after school and during the schedule library times.
      • Spring book fair will be timed with the “Read Across America Event”, around Dr. Seuss’s birthday
      • For the next fall book fair, we will have the grandparents’ breakfast then.
  • Check-a-thon
    • Completed before fall break. We had ~ $18,000 in gross sales.  PTO received mixed reviews on the check-a-thon; although many liked having all funds going to the school.  We were a little under the targeted goal for the check-a-thon but we did raise more than previous fall fundraiser in terms of net sales.
    • Thank you to all the families and individuals who donated to the check-a-thon.
    • We are going to work with Ms. Edgar for the technology improvements (smartboards and technology that will help more students or the entire school, such as ipads).
    • We celebrated on the last day before fall break with sumo wrestling with Ms. Edgar and Mr. Waggoner.  We will post more pictures of the wrestlers.
  • Grandparents’ Breakfast
    • This was a new initiative and was a great success. Our next breakfasts will be “Donuts for Dad” in February and “Muffins for Mom” in May.  We will have the breakfasts a little later in the morning so that the kids can go straight to class after the breakfast.
    • For kids whose family members can’t attend the breakfasts, we will note in the breakfast notice, something to the effect, “If your grandparents/dad/mom are out of town and can not attend, please bring a loved one.”
  • Movie Night: 12/12:
    • Our goal is to show the sing-a-long version of Frozen.
    • This will be an outdoor movie with projection; so bring lawnchairs and blankets. We will look at sunset for timing.
    • We will sell hot chocolates and glow sticks.
    • Student council will do pizzas.
    • Last year was cold.  We will try to keep a better track of turn-out.
  •  Basha Family Fun Night—11/14.  5:30-9.
    • Jeff Hinson is running the family fun night.
    • Each grade level with have a booth.  Ms. Johnston will be in the dunk tank.
    • 3 different food trucks,  bouncers (one for older and a second for younger kids), fire department with fire safety demonstrations, vendor lane, and more will be there.
    • Pre-sales go out next week (week of 10/27). . Vendor
    • Baskets (Julie & Sarah):
      • Each class can provide a basket and Julie & Sarah were reaching out to teachers now.
      • ~45 baskets.
      • Sarah had some ideas for baskets and getting some donations.  We may have PTO-sponsored baskets.  (some vendors need more advance options for donations)
      • During the meeting we had an extensive discussion on auction ideas
        • Buy-it now options for bigger ticket options
        • Dedicated live-auction for big ticket audience
        • For next year, encourage folks to look for donations
      • The Basha Family Fun Night though is to encourage community and to have fun, rather than fundraising.  We may want to cosider having a future fundraising activity/event (like a parents’ night out fundraiser)
  • Restaurant night:
    • Dilly’s Deli on Wednesday, 10/22.  We  need the flyer to get the discount; Angie Birch was planning to be there with extra flyers
    • We had a very successful outing with Peter Piper and Garcia’s
  • Principal’s Report:
    • School mainteance updates: The PTO helped purchase the sun shade at parent drop off. This required $900 for repair.  Soccer goals need to be replaced next year.  Because the school is 15 years old, we may want to consider budget for maintenance needs.
    • State tests in April.  State is looking at different tests and PARCC is one of the vendors.  Testing dates are moving target, so we need to be flexible. The state is starting testings more frequently.
    • A successful first quarter!
    • Parent portal.  We saved $3800 on paper costs, a significant savings, by using the electronic access. Parents can have a parent portal app that can keep parents logged on.  This allows parents to access grades on an as-needed basis.
    • Access the app through Infinite campus and can download via Google Play and iTunes.
  • Questions/Comments/Concerns/Reminders
    • Veteran’s Day is a Tuesday
    • Parents can buy Basha t-shirts at any time of the year; Bling shirts can buy 6 at a time.

Meeting closed at 4:06


Meeting minutes approved on 10/21/2014

Meeting Date, 5 August 2014

Called to Order:  5:01 pm

  • Introduction to Executive Council (in order of seating at the table)

Carolyn Martinez: co-president

Kelly Dwyer:  co-vice president

Chris Noder: co-president

Jenny Moore: Parent-Liaison


Jenn Jaurigue: co-vice president

Julie Martinez: treasurer

  • Parent-led iniatives (my apologies for any typos in names)
    • Angie Birch: Restaurant Night co-ordinator.  Remember the first Family Restaurant Night is at Peter Piper Night next Wednesday (8/13).
    • Perrin Ehler: School Cents program with Chandler Mall.  (See Info in the Money pack handout).  Basha has been on the waiting list to participate.  This will be the school’s first time participating in the program
    • Anna Diaz: Special breakfasts are planned this year to bring your parents/family members in to the school.  Grandparents in September.  February: Donuts with Dad; May: Muffins with Mom
  • Secretary Report: PTO will be more active on Facebook and Twitter.  Please feel free to send information to secretary (Molly Tomlin) for dissemination.
  • Basha family fun night (BFFN): Nov. 14.  Jeff Hinson will head the BFFN planning.  We are looking for volunteers.  Vendors will be on the Merchant Lane.  Fliers will be sent home and there will be a pre-sale for bracelets.
  • Book Fair: Jenny will be chair person for Fall book fair which will be before Fall Break.  We’ll need volunteers to help with the book fair.  More information will be sent out soon and Jenny will reach out for more volunteers with an online sign-up form (Sign-up genius).
  •  Art masterpiece.  Art program run by volunteers.  Each class will need 2 volunteers.  The time commitment is one hour once a month and the lesson is preplanned.  Folks interested should contact their teacher.
  • Yearbook: Carolyn Martinez will be attending school events and will be taking pictures for inclusion in the yearbook.  She welcomes picture contributions from parents (i.e. pictures from school events and chaperoning field trips).  Please send pictures to Carolyn as the year progresses.
  • Finances: Just under $10k in account.  The PTO likes to keep this amount in the account for unexpected emergencies, like bulletin boards last year
    • Chek-a-thon: New program.
      • PTO received feedback from parents that they didn’t want to buy things they didn’t want.  Also concerns that a high % of funds go to 3rd party vendors.
      • With the check-a-thon, 100% of proceeds go to school.  100% deductible.  Also employee match.
      • Will use check-a-thon proceeds to update technology, able to buy 3 smartboards. Goal to have 1 smartboard for every grade level.
      • Any donation will be welcomed and there are incentives for the kids to collect donations
      • PTO welcomes constructive feedback on the check-a-thon
    • Free Money packet:  There are a number of different programs where % of money comes back to the school (e.g. Target, Albertsons).  Everything helps. Please note that for Fry’s, you will need to re-enroll every year after August 1.
  •  Report from Mrs. Edgar:
    • Introduction of Jessica Johnston: Dean with Basha and Jacobsen.  She is currently at Basha in the mornings, M-F, and this schedule will flip flop next quarter.
    • Goal for Mrs. Edgar is to create the best environment for the students to learn.  We’ll see a tightening of policies and procedures and more instructional minutes.
    • The District has adopted HMH Journeys for K-6, an English language program. The program provides extensive resources to help teachers.  More information about the program will be covered in Curriculum Night programs.  The adoption cost $2.8 million dollars in funding.  Thank you for the Yes votes on the voting ballot to enable this adoption!
    • Student population update: There were 769 students at the school.  Because of this, there is 1 less lunch aide.
      • The lunch room has a new rule regarding the parent table.  Parents are always welcome to eat with their child, but friends will no longers be invited to join the parent and child at lunch.
      • Facility improvements: Over the summer the library was repainted so that it would be more welcoming.
      • There is a new logo.  This year students will have the chance to name the bobcat.
      • Basha is an A-rated school, as measured by AIMS scores and improvement that students have been making. CONGRATULATIONS!
      • The State has gone out to bid for a new test in replacement of AIMS (what best fits the needs of the AZ students).   More information and updates are coming in terms of what tests will be adopted.
        • 4th graders will take AIMS science test.
      • 27 kids in each kinder class:  Next week another teacher will be coming.  More information will be coming and what the process will look like.  The goal is to do what is in the best interest of kids.
  •  Interested in volunteering?  We need volunteers to chair programs and to help with PTO initiatives.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Chirs Noder about opportunities and way to help!
  • Questions and Answers
    • Check-a-thon:  Folks from out of state can contribute to the check-a-thon and receive a tax deduction.
    • Boosterthon: Are we going to do this in the spring?  We are not sure about our spring plan.  Contemplating doing a read-a-thon.  Look for more information in early 2015.  (idea: run lap for each book read!)

Close Meeting: 5:26

Agenda from the meeting

PTO meeting Aug 5